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Let’s create a new community space.

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Please help us achieve the goal to create a new public hub for South-West Edinburgh on a derelict site.

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What is Pentlands Community Space?

Pentlands Community Space (PCS) is a registered charity created by members of the local community, with the aim of raising funds to re-develop a derelict former public toilet in Juniper Green into a Community Hub and event space with an affordable flat above.

How much money do you need to raise?

We need £420,000 to complete the project, through a combination of funding channels.

When do you expect to complete the project?

About 12 months after PCS has raised the money to buy the materials for the 2-storey building, with a target completion date of mid 2022.

What will my donation be used for?

Most of all, we need donations to help us fund the cost of material to replace the abandoned toilet, and all of the costs that are associated with creating what will be a new community space for the area.


Let’s get rid of this derelict site…and make usable space in the Pentlands.


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Latest News

Vic, Cliff, David, Neil and Paul about to start the day. Some wearing yellow vests and some hard hats.

A Story In Pictures

A story in pictures The abandoned toilet in Juniper Green had looked much like the image below since it was closed in 2015. As demolition started the roof had to be removed. In August 2021 a call...

Updates & News – October 2021

Dear supporter of the Pentlands Community Space project, The AGM of PCS on 27 September saw the same seven trustees re-elected to serve for one more year; for their short CVs see the Trustees page...

Updates & News – August 2021

Dear supporter of the Pentlands Community Space, Here’s a bi-monthly update on PCS project. Since we last wrote PCS has received a Building Warrant so that work can begin in earnest to re-build on...

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