New charity Pentlands Community Space (PCS) is looking for public support to replace an abandoned toilet block at Juniper Green with a new Community Space. As reported last issue in C&B News,
the new project will create a Centre focused on improving mental health and combating loneliness, through creative arts, games, “grow your own” workshops, baby and toddler sessions and book groups. Oh, and there will be a modern toilet too!

The charity is now applying to large funding bodies for the necessary funding (circa £180,000). A local resident has already offered to construct the two-storey building with no labour costs.
PCS has already raised £4,000 in the first week of June—a figure doubled by PCS trustee Mark Porteous.

Most of the funding will come from large charitable organisations, but we hope friends of our project will contribute too. As PCS continues its efforts, we appeal to your generosity to make the dream happen.

You can “buy a brick” for a donation of just £10, a family batch of bricks for £50—though a wall of one hundred bricks would also be quite acceptable! Or, seriously, any amount in between. Help us build a space of kindness within our caring community.

Please send cheques to Pentlands Community Space, c/o Prof Cliff Beevers, 60/1 Belmont Road, Juniper Green, Edinburgh, EH14 5ED. A gift aid form is available on request.

This article first appeared in the Currie & Balerno News June 2020 edition