Just a quick update for all those interested in following the progress of the Pentlands Community Space project in Juniper Green. It has been a month that has seen significant changes, all positive ones too.

On a practical level one Saturday afternoon Hugh Thompson from A FAB Currie joined one of our Board Members, Susan Webber and undertook the mammoth task of clearing the existing site. 11 bags of weeds, detritus and overgrown plants were cleared.

Susan said “Without the help from Hugh and the vast array of professional tools he brought, and of course his sheer strength, this would have taken far longer. We are all so grateful for this help. And although the building will ultimately be demolished, in the meantime it will look a lot better and not look like it is in state of total neglect. It was quite some transformation and we even unearthed bike racks too”

Meanwhile the fundraising is also going in the right direction with a number of local donations from well-established organisations in the area, including Currie and Balerno Round Table and C&B News. Every donation counts and we are moving towards our goal. Thank you to all those who are supporting the project.

We have also had confirmation of a significant contribution of £75,000 from the Town Centre Fund following a meeting of the City of Edinburgh Council in November. Thank you to all our local councillors who recognised that our project and our community would benefit immensely from this investment. This means we can now start with the substantive changes to the site and get cracking now.

Keep an eye on our Facebook page, and our new website which is in development, for further progress updates. They will also allow you to make personal donations and get involved in the project through our “Buy-A-Brick” initiative too. But with the momentum and support we have already established, we are now well and truly on our way.

Cliff Beevers, Chairman of Pentlands Community Space