Dear supporter of the Pentlands Community Space project,

The AGM of PCS on 27 September saw the same seven trustees re-elected to serve for one more year; for their short CVs see the Trustees page on our website.

Since we last wrote PCS has received a donation of £3.5k from the Rank Foundation and completed the transfer of the CEC re-generation money to cover expenses that include architect’s designs, a number of surveys, conveyancing fees to the council, the building warrant application, professional fees for the structural engineer, demolition costs and some of the materials needed in the next phase of this project. PCS is also pleased to report on a donation from the local SWRI who at their own AGM raised money for our project through a raffle. All contributions are welcome and we thank you all.

At its recent monthly trustee meeting a decision was needed on a grant from the Levenseat Trust. The Levenseat Trust will donate £35k into the project in 3 stages: when 75%, then 85% and finally 100% of the building work has been completed. This grant is also contingent on PCS completing the build by the end of April 2022.

So, the next 6 months are critical to this project and we will try to keep you all updated on progress.

The website has been refreshed to reflect the new grants and the replacement of the Virgin Money Giving site by the Just Giving platform, a change forced on us due to the withdrawal of Virgin Money from this service.

Thanks for your continued support.


Cliff Beevers, Chairman of PCS