Levenseat Trust visit Pentlands Community Space

There has been further work at the community hub in Juniper Green in the last couple of months.

Scaffolding has been partially removed and PCS is expecting that the new building will effectively be completed externally before May is out. To achieve this PCS is having to keep a careful eye on its cash flow. So, we were delighted that on Tuesday 12 April two visitors from Levenseat Trust came to deliver the first tranche of their promised grant of £35k. Attached is an image showing the handing over ceremony. In the picture from left to right you can see Donato Tedesco (Contracting builder), Catherine McGurk (Levenseat Trust Administrator), Jim Stewart (Levenseat Trust Director), Susan Webber MSP, Mark Porteous, Cliff Bevers (all 3 trustees of PCS) And Ozzy the guide dog

Green energy in the form of an air source heat pump is being installed with financial support from the Scottish Government’s Community and Renewable Energy Scheme (CARES). CARES are also helping to fund a small array of solar pv panels on the roof. Walls have yet to be rendered in an off white colour similar to the town house nearby and in line with the planning permissions PCS has in place.

PCS is starting to seek estimates of the internal work needed to complete the interior finish. So, to modify that well worn phrase, this is not quite the end, but, we are near the end of the beginning.

Cliff Beevers, on behalf of Pentlands Community Space