What is Pentlands Community Space (PCS)?

Pentlands Community Space (PCS) is a registered charity created by members of the local community, with the aim of raising funds to re-develop a derelict former public toilet in Juniper Green into a Community Hub and event space with an affordable flat above.

Our aim is to raise £420,000 through various methods of funding to complete the project. You can track our progress on the Home page of this website.

Location address

531 Lanark Road, EH14 5DE

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Aims of PCS

A new building on the site of the abandoned toilet in Juniper Green will:

  • Make more space available for the young, the old and families.
  • Enable new parents to meet and share experiences.
  • Support the most vulnerable and isolated in our community.
  • Provide community engagement through involvement in the project.
  • Attract walkers/cyclists to the village from the nearby Water of Leith Walkway.
  • Improve the overall look of Juniper Green main street.
  • Create a basis for further economic development in the area.
  • Collaborate with other community groups.
  • Construct an affordable flat over the communal hub to house a key worker.
  • Enhance the facilities of this part of Edinburgh.
The Scottish National Trail is close to the new hub

The Scottish National Trail is close to the new hub


Here are answers to some of the more common questions that people ask about the PCS.

If there is something else that you would like to ask us, please email us your questions by clicking the button below.

What will go on the site?

A 2-storey building with space for events downstairs and an affordable flat above.

Who will own and run it?

PCS members will own and run it for the community.

Who are the PCS members?

Anyone can join PCS.

Is it free to join?


What would I offer if I joined?

Whatever talent you have to assist the project be it enthusiasm, commitment, business skills plus all your hidden talents.

How do I join PCS?

Send an email request to lynn13.elliott@gmail.com and ask for a form or pick one up at Molly’s Deli/Café in Juniper Green.

You emailed some people in Juniper Green asking for funding. Was that it?

No – the initial limited mailing was a focussed approach based on our local demographics, but the main quest for funding is much more than that.

What else is needed?

 Funds to carry out pre-building checks and buy the material to construct the 2-storey building.

How much money is needed?

About £420,000, but we have around 96% already.

How will you get the rest?

Through application to trusts, donations and more local fund raising.

When will it be ready?

About 12 months after PCS has raised the money to buy the materials for the 2-storey building.

Has PCS had offers of help, if so what offers?

Yes we have received the following offers of help:

  • A local resident will oversee the construction of the 2-storey building free of his labour costs, with another giving expert advice as project manager.
  • Two Currie residents are providing pro-bono legal support.
  • Another Currie resident is contributing marketing and publicity expertise.
  • A JG resident has created the logo.
  • Another Currie resident has offered IT support.
When will you "go public"?

PCS is planning to build up awareness slowly with local fund raising initiatives in 2021 and is committed to keeping you updated as the project progresses.

What other useful information can you tell me about raising funds?

Leaflets, describing the project and seeking funding, are available in Molly’s Deli/Café and other local outlets. Please help us. See our “Donations” page or use the link to Just Giving. We’re also constantly researching and making applications for grants and other corporate funding. If you know of a grant-making body please let us know or suggest us to them.

The derelict public toilet site as it currently stands.

Let’s get rid of this derelict site … and make usable space in the Pentlands

The public hub and flat after development.

Drawings of The Proposed New Community Hub

Contact Us

9 Baberton Mains Row, Edinburgh EH14 3EH

0131 453 4115

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