Thank you to all our supporters

Funding is a key part of the success of the project and we are lucky to have received many donations from local and national sources, for which we are very grateful.

Thanks are due for financial support to date from Community Ownership Scotland, the Scottish Land Fund, the SG Accelerate Programme, Community Enterprise, Garfield Weston, City of Edinburgh Neighbourhood scheme, Awards for All, CEC Town Centre Re-generation Award, Rank Foundation, Levenseat Trust, Mark Porteous Undertaker, Alan Morrison and Clarke Gibb Creative Gardening and other generous contributions from several local individuals.

Below are some of the generous people and organisations who have helped us to get this far.


A huge thank you to all our supporters

How you can help

The total project cost is approximately £420,000. But, PCS already have some financial support and grants which have enabled us to make a start and request CEC to transfer the site into community ownership.

Thank you to all of those local residents and others who have been so generous supporting the project.

PCS is actively asking for more from Trusts and corporate donors and will be making a further local appeal, so PCS needs your help!

There are various way you can donate, see full details in the section below.


Other talents needed

If you would like to be part of the team that makes it happen, PCS is looking for people with experience of social media, marketing expertise and art and crafting skills.

If you have experience in any of these areas or other skills that you feel would help us, please get in touch, as we would love to have you on board!

Let’s add another lasting monument to this village

How to make a donation


Please send your cheque to:

Pentlands Community Space, c/o The Treasurer, Mr D Geary, 2 Baberton Square, Edinburgh, EH14 5DP


Please email us for bank details at:

You can donate using our JustGiving page, which gives you the either one off  or monthly donation options. 

CLICK HERE to donate now

Top up your donation with Gift Aid

If you are sending us a cheque, please also complete and return the Gift Aid Declaration with your cheque (link below) as it will top up your donation at no cost to you.

The Gift Aid scheme means that if you’re a UK taxpayer and you give money to charity, the charity can claim back the tax you’ve paid on this money.

The charity claims this tax back direct from HMRC. So this boosts the amount you’ve given to charity but doesn’t cost you any extra.

Contact Us

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